Pink Paper


PINK is a meme community for the Polkadot ecosystem with the goal of gaining net new eyeballs on Polkadot, and introducing the PINK gaming universe.

PINK captures new mindshare by reinforcing the image that Polkadot is Pink, a color of positivity and laughter. Once we capture mindshare around a simple ecosystem narrative, it becomes easier to discuss Polkadot’s compelling tech narratives.

Polkadot - and crypto more generally - needs simpler, more engaging narratives. Our space also needs simple tech to allow for experimentation and fun to increase adoption.

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The Pinkonomics of $PINK have been carefully thought through with the objective to fulfill the primary mission of PINK, which is to bring more users to Polkadot in the most frictionless and fun way possible.

$PINK has been minted on the Polkadot Asset Hub, a relatively unknown but powerful chain in the ecosystem. The reason for this is for the PINK community to be at the heart of Polkadot and proliferate out from there, touching every Parachain that will have it, flowing through every cross-chain bridge it can find, growing in a myriad of ecosystems with the roots always coming back to Polkadot where the main action and utility will be. Through this, we believe $PINK can maximise exposure, participation, and overall pinkness to the Polkadot ecosystem.

Please note that $PINK is for entertainment purposes only. There is no formal team or roadmap, only an open community of volunteers spreading PINK vibes. Community volunteers should not join the PINK community with the expectation of profit, only pinkness.

There are five clearly defined buckets for the token supply which will have no inflation and a total supply of 2,300,001,221.

50% Airdrops

This is by far the largest category and supports PINK’s core mission of sharing $PINK to as many participants as possible across ecosystems. Airdrops will be rolled out over time, which enables the early supporters and community to help shape future airdrops in order to maximize value and exposure to the community.

Tranche 1: 15% Total Supply - PINKdrop [The Game]

The first airdrop campaign was focused on the popular game PINKdrop and is aimed to bootstrap pinkness. All that was required was to connect an EVM wallet and record a high score; the airdrop is then calculated based on the user's highest score.

What easier way to spread $PINK across ecosystems than with a fun addictive game? The stats have spoken for themselves with over 14,140 players and 226k games in the first month, this will lead to a wide distribution of $PINK.

But ser? How are you going to give the airdrop if you have collected EVM addresses and minted the token on Asset hub which is a Substrate chain. Good Question anon!

$PINK has been registered on Moonbeam, an EVM parachain on Polkadot, enabling the PINK Community to send it to all eligible EVM wallets on their chain, so users will be able to get the token directly in their EVM wallets by adding the Moonbeam network here. This brings a new wave of users to the ecosystem from Day 1.

Tranche 2: 12.5% Total Supply - Parachain teams

Every team with a parachain on Polkadot is and always will be eligible to claim a % of supply from this tranche. Memecoins are about the culture, and the native memecoin of Polkadot should be available to all teams and allow them to decide how to distribute their portion of supply to their respective communities.

This tranche was designed to allocate a total of 12.5% of the supply to parachain teams in totality. For a team to be eligible, they must start the process by proposing to register PINK on their parachain; once the asset is registered, they will have qualified for an allocation and the tokens will be sent to their native parachain via XCM from the Asset Hub.

The allocation per team decreases by 10% each time a slot is filled with the first team eligible to claim 10% of the total pot (starting with 1.25% of supply). This means this tranche will never run out and any future teams will be able to register PINK and claim a % of the tranche, which gets smaller and smaller with each claim. But this also creates the mechanism for PINK to last forever and for every team building on Polkadot to be involved in perpetuity.

Future Tranches

These are still being finalized and will be guided by the PINK community once $PINK is live. The main aim will be to target non-native communities to Polkadot in order to draw them into the ecosystem as well as share more pinkness with the most loyal PINK community members.

These rolling airdrops have been delivered with great success in other notable meme projects as they create sustainability and the ability to have ongoing engagement and excitement for the project rather than giving it all out on Day 1.

30% Pools

Enabling opportunities for anyone to join the $PINK community in a totally open, decentralized manner is critical. Pools keep the world hydrated and are key onboarding mechanisms for new community members, as pools make it easier for new people to engage with PINK in an above-board manner. Though, to be clear, there is no need to access pools to enjoy Pink community vibes.

However, by committing 30% of $PINK for multiple pools across ecosystems, $PINK will have the best chance of maximizing participation in the PINK community.

10% Treasury

Every great project needs reserves from a community-led Treasury to better the project as the holders see fit and $PINK is no different in that respect. 10% of the supply is dedicated to this and it will be up to the community and holders how this is shared as the project develops.

5% C. Pools

What may be viewed as a bit of a joke, this has been set aide with all seriousness. The day may come when a Centralised Pool is appropriate. For this to be feasible, $PINK will need to be available to enable onboarding to the right audience in an above board way.

This will be a nice community decision to face at the time, as this $PINK will not be used for anything else, so can be considered non-existent until the time comes.

5% Pink Vibes

5% is for approximately 45 volunteers from a wide range of existing Polkadot communities that have embraced pinkness from the start by spreading pinkness. They vibe with PINK community values and, ultimately, they are dedicated to the success of the Polkadot ecosystem.

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The Future is $PINK

While all of the above sounds great and has the designs of a potentially successful memecoin, $PINK plans to be much more than that. $PINK aims to develop a sustainable community model, so community participants feel a part of something bigger than themselves. It is imagined that our community of volunteers will experiment, learn and grow over time.

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$PINKdrop Won't Stop

The success and enjoyment of PINKdrop has been electric and there is an opportunity to promote even more pinkness and positivity throughout the broader crypto ecosystem.

After the initial airdrop, PINKdrop will evolve to enable more sustainability for the PINK community. The aim of this is to accomplish two things:

First, to create a new reason for people to join the PINK community. Within the first month of the game there were more than 14k players with very little marketing and push outside of the Polkadot eco.

Second, by creating new ways to engage the PINK community with PINKdrop, it will offer existing community members ongoing reasons to continue to benefit from and spread PINK vibes. This gives scope to create a variety of game formats where players will pay to compete to earn prizes.

The future development of simple to play games could also allow more ways to grow the PINK community.

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Final Thoughts

What started as a way to try and bring some $PINKness back to Polkadot has fast become a thriving community full of enthusiasts, dreamers, and builders.

As a community, we all have the chance to try and deliver a healthy dose of meme culture to Polkadot, which we think we can admit takes itself too seriously sometimes (sorry GAV!)

We look forward to you joining us on this journey! Who knows where it will end, but if we shoot for the moon hopefully we will land on a star!